Spindel & Co. Law Firm

Professionalism – dedication – determination, are the basis of the firm's worldview, and the foundations which place it as one of the top leading law firms in Israel, specializing in civil and commercial law.

The firm provides "tailor made" services to its clients through comprehensive representation, which includes advocating to their best interest and accompanying them throughout all junctures of their legal proceedings or transactions.  

Located in B.S.R 4 tower, the firm has become an intersection of information and encounter for business entities, investors, entrepreneurs and individuals.

About Us

The office staff brings together lawyers with professional knowledge, experience and creativity, which make each one of them outstanding in his realm, and together they all provide to our clients a personal "Custom made" service.

Spindel & Co. is one of the leading law firms in Israel specializing in civil, commercial and real estate law. Our team of lawyers guarantee extensive professional knowledge, experience and creativity, making each member of our team a distinguished professional in his domain their discipline.

Our philosophy places the client's interest at the center and therefore our clients receive close personal attention at every stage of their legal affairs.

Our firm has extensive and rich experience in representing leading corporations in the Israeli Economy; real estate companies; contractors; condominium representatives; financial institutions; and energy and infrastructure companies; developers and entrepreneurs; businesses; property owners and private clients.

Our firm has gained recognition and appreciation by providing personal service along with dedication, loyalty and close contact with each and every one of our clients. Additionally, we offer professionalism, determination, and creativity designed to implement and execute our clients' best interest.

The firm's founder, advocate Eran Spindel and advocate Yael Zhout have published a legal book titled "Shareholder's conflict –  Shareholder Oppression in Private and Public Companies" (2017).

The book presents in an orderly and thorough manner the clarification and settlement of disputes between shareholders, while reviewing the range of remedies to eliminate shareholder's oppression.

The book is recognized and referred to by the Supreme Court and the economic courts in the State of Israel.

Our firm represents and provides legal counseling to companies and international entities, including the Israel – Slovenia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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B.S.R 4 Tower

7 Metzada st., 31 floor

Bnei-Brak, 5126112 Israel

Tel: +972-3-6090977

Fax: +972-3-6090988

Email: office@spindel.co.il